The Experience

Creating Ideal Curriculum

Objectives of the JA Careers in Skilled Trades Platform and Curriculum Include:
  • Promote a positive outlook about the skilled trades ​
  • Identify how student interests align with skilled trades ​
  • Explore diverse careers in skilled trades concentrating on four sectors​
    • Construction
    • Manufacturing
    • Transportation
    • Service
  • Learn and understand the technical and employability skills needed for successful employment ​
  • Demonstrate how skilled trades strengthen communities ​
  • Accent and complement, not compete with, current training and educational programs and platforms​
  • Serve as a feeder into current apprenticeship and other training and employment opportunities​


Skilled Trades Curriculum
Curriculum Will be Organized by:

 Skilled Trades Unit > Chapters > Lessons > Activities > Artifacts

The initial curriculum will be designed as a formal introduction to the skilled trades for students in grades 5-8. This will create a foundation of understanding to build upon as the curriculum evolves. Future phases will include advanced chapters and game play for students in grades 9-12.

The Proposed JA Careers in Skilled Trades Platform Curriculum:

Introduction to the Skilled Trades

What are the Skilled Trades

Introduction into the trades, including within your communities, examples of roles (visible and invisible) and real-life project stories, and participation in first game play.

Speaking the Language of the Skilled Trades

Guide to the overarching industry language and language by industry and completed with game play.

Preparing for Skilled Trades Pathways

Overview on the general and specific job entry requirements, technical and employability skills needed and requirements to be prepared for possible pathways, concluded with game play.

Curriculum Artifact Examples

Pre- and Post-